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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Innocent Explanation

Wow, this brings back memories, doesn't it Carol?

It's funny because none of you were lesbians, not even Natalie who's got her face buried in your pussy.  Who would believe that she was so drunk that she was falling over and just grabbed on for support?

It's a relatively innocent explanation, and even the nudity is innocent enough; I'd insisted that we take off our mud and paint-ball splattered clothes before coming in the house.

But it doesn't look innocent, does it?

Just think, this one photo was enough to blackmail you, Natalie, Grace, and Vickie into more and more compromising situations, each one generating more and more explicit material to use against you.

And I know you hated very minute of it. You still do, all of you.  Well, maybe not Vickie. Even in this picture you can see that maybe she's not as straight and Christian as she always claims.

But that's okay... no one ever has to see this, or any of the other pictures or videos in my file on you girls.

Not if you're a good girl for me, Carol. And you are a good girl, aren't you? Good! Now get down on the floor beside my desk. Looking through these old college files always makes me so wet and tingly. You know what to do.

That's a good girl.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Our Story Thus Far: The Shemalien!

Our story thus far...

As the heroes fall, the villains take their spoils!

Captain Guardian of the Earth Force, stripped of his dignity and his Guardian suit, waits helplessly as the Shemalien savors the moment.

As the last Kueeng of an exiled alien race of hermaphrodites, s/he has been planning to breed a new race of soldiers to take back the solar systems s/he once ruled.

Captain Guardian, s/he thinks, would make a find warrior/mother once he is properly bred!

As Captain Guardian struggles uselessly in his bonds, he can feel the air growing thick with the Shemalien's pheromones, and he can feel his body responding against his will.

Is this his fate?

Will the leader of Earth's defenders become the mate of a gender-bending tyrant and mother to a race of ruthless intersexual stormtroopers!?

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Feeling like a Winner

Alice had been hesitant about the trip to Vegas with her younger, more glamorous friend Laura.  She always felt just a little frumpy and old next to Laura.

But she knew Laura was terrible at blackjack, and Alice saw a chance to come home feeling like a winner.

On this trip, what happened in Vegas was coming back home with Laura on the end of Alice's leash.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Our Story Thus Far: BombShell vs Gun Show!

Our story thus far...

As the guardians of Alpha City fall one by one, it seems nothing can stop the reign of terror by dastardly dames like the brazenly bodacious Bombshell!

Poor Gun Show!  Helplessly bound as Bombshell breaks his will... and his balls!

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