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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pet Adoption

"Poor thing! This one must have been abused by it's former owner!" Sarah stooped to stroke the skinny petgirl's hair.

"Tch. Why do insist on buying them from the pound?" asked Candice.

"Adopting them from the animal shelter," corrected Sarah, stroking the jittery creature behind the ears.

"You don't know anything about her pedigree," said Candice, thinking about Sarah's family background and her Ivy League education. "And what about it's age?"

"Aw, mutts are cute," replied Sarah. "With patience and love, I think any pet is trainable."

"Hmm." Candice was thinking about how pink Sarah's ass cheeks would be after a good spanking. "I wonder if it's been spayed?" she mused.

"Oh, the shelter always spays the animals it takes in."

"That's good," Candice said absently. "I suppose you would only want to breed the ones that would produce the best offspring." She was aware that Sarah took her birth control pills religiously, especially since the women in her family were known to be quite fertile.

"Guess you think I'm silly for wanting to get her," grinned Sarah.

"No, I think you should definitely get her," replied Candace, thinking You'll be much easier to handle if you have a companion to play with.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

His Birthday

It was his birthday, but all he wanted was to please his Princess.

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Saturday, October 4, 2014


When she arrived in my classroom a few weeks ago, Katherine was an intelligent, brash young woman ready to take on the world and any challenge she might encounter.

It was my job to prepare her for the real world and a woman's place in it.

"Yes, Kitty?  Do you know the answer to my question?"

She hesitated, dropped her hand down awkwardly and lowered her eyes and said something quietly.

"What's that, Kitty? Did you say something?"

Her voice barely above a whisper, she replied, "No, sir.  Kitty doesn't know anything."

I smiled.


She was learning.